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Starting on a New Journey in Life After the End of a Relationship

It takes time to recover from heartache. The truth is, sometimes the unhealthy relationships that people engage in are the hardest to get over. Some of these include situations involving physical, emotional, and sexual abuse. A lot of people have strong feelings for the ones that treat them badly. It’s not wrong to love them, but the sooner a person can get out of the situation, the better off they will be.

Here are some tips for Starting on a New Journey in Life After the End of a Relationship.

Avoid Contacting Him or Her

It will be very hard at first, but draw a line in the sand and stop texting, calling, and emailing. Take it another step and unfriend the person on Facebook and block their feed from showing on Twitter and any other social media account. Many times, coming to a hard stop will keep the pain from dragging on.

Start a List

Sometimes, anything in writing seems more real. Make a list of the things the other person did that were wrong, bad, or hurtful in the relationship. This is a way to recognize the obvious things but also, many find that they found a lot of negative aspects of the relationship that they had been overlooking. Referring back to the list anytime there are doubts will just be a reassurance.

Turn to Those You Can Trust

There will be a void to fill. Turn to people that have a positive and bright presence. It will be tempting to stay home and eat ice cream while watching TV. Instead, fill the calendar with friends who understand what is going on. This will really help to come out of that dark place and start to move forward.

Eventually, Go Out on a Date

Once there has been some time to heal, get out there and date again. Try dating someone outside your usual type. Find someone who treats you well, keeps promises, and is honest. A fresh start is always good.

No matter what the situation is, if it involves domestic violence, it may be best to turn to the help of a professional. Things can turn ugly fast when trying to end the relationship. The situation can be even worse if there are children involved. To get more information on how these situations are viewed in Florida, visit